Taskar India’s 1st healthcare mall offering doctor consultation unlimited times@ INR 1 /day for a year.

For the first time in the history of India, people will be offered 24/7 healthcare services virtual
& in-person covering all health-related issues – including consultation, treatment, medicines,
lab tests and aftercare – all for a cost-effective health subscription of 365 INR annually by Taskar .
With this subscription model, subscribers can walk into any of Taskar’s physical brick & mortar healthcare mall. Mall is unique, state of the art designed keeping in mind the India & Indian’s needs offering all together under one roof 24/7 Pharmacy, Clinic, Lab, Dental Clinic, Eye Clinic & Health Café with a 20,000 + SKU of wellness, organic, surgical, grooming product range.

Taskar Subscription Plan


Pankaj Singh, CTO said this will be a new service offered by “Taskar – India’s 1st healthcare mall” as part of its virtual care strategy & a step closer to the ecosystem of healthcare.
What is in this Taskar subscription plan?

The goal is to offer more convenient, accessible and affordable health care both in-person and virtually by Taskar’s ecosystem of healthcare to the 600 million Indians who can neither afford private insurance nor are covered by a corporate plan but aspire for quality private care. But as we all know India’s Insurance is only valid in Hospitalization so for us who cover?

OPD & product buying discounts then I think sky is the limit.. every Individual could be our subscriber. Taskar fulfils an Important social need and has achieved rapid growth in a relatively short period of time with an Impact in society, this is what we dreamt when we started, that’s what we need at a larger platform.”

Prasoon, CEO of Taskar- India’s 1st healthcare mall

He further adds, “This subscription is going to be a milestone in the history of mankind. With its own chain of healthcare malls, Taskar will also allow subscribers to unlock enormous benefits and access to global as well as the region’s best hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, homecare, fitness Centre, diagnostic Centre with a BNPL(BUY NOW PAY LATER) facility of INR 5-25,000 on consumer buying and up to INR 1 Lakh on hospitalization for up to 1 year. They can speedily access and engage in online live 24/7 video consultations with a wide panel of specialist doctors, mental health counsellors, fitness coaches & can get their prescribed meds, products delivered to their homes from Taskar’s own healthcare malls or from partnered pharmacies.

Despite great improvements in recent years, a lack of affordable, quality medical care remains a significant challenge in modern India. Currently, India lags behind many other developing countries in providing health care. Total yearly health care spending is $132 per capita in India, much lower than that in other developing nations ($379 per capita in China and $1,028 in Brazil).
Senerio of Healthcare system in India

Health care access is especially constrained in rural areas; 60 % of those living in rural areas have to travel more than 5 kilometers (3 miles) just to reach a health care facility. Rural Indians have access to only 30 percent of the nation’s hospital beds, despite making up more than 65 percent of India’s population.

Health care issues, in combination with other social challenges, can have dramatic effects; Indian life expectancies at birth are lower than in many other countries, with India ranking 163rd out of 223 nations.
Another obstacle in Indian medical services, along with limited access, is the cost of care. Only 15 percent of Indian patients have health insurance of any kind, and more than 60 percent of consumer health care spending is out of pocket.

Public health care spending is very low, with India ranking 171st out of 175 nations. For the more affluent, private clinics fill this gap, but with much higher treatment costs. Low income Indian patients with chronic conditions pay 44 percent of their monthly income on average per treatment at private clinics, versus 23 percent for public clinics. The high expense of health care keeps many from receiving the regular checkups and preventative care required to prevent illness.
Taskar Personalizing Online Healthcare

Keeping in mind all the above facts & gaps in Indian healthcare, then only the company introduced this 1INR/day subscription to help customers, patients to save on medical care, whether they have health insurance or not. It’s the latest innovation from a company obsessed with making the cost of healthcare more manageable.

Subscribers don’t have to pay to join Subscription, and they can get started with a valid email address to receive a baseline tier of benefits – 365 INR prescriptions, access to customer service concierges, a portal for appointments and prescriptions, and exclusive access to special deals and promotional pricing. The company estimates that subscribers will save more than INR 5,000 annually while having access to convenient, high-quality care.
“Video visits are now becoming an important first point of contact in almost any healthcare journey,” he said. “Even seeing a specialist, where before you would think hands-on was necessary, a first visit is often by video. That tends to work better for both patient and doctor.”

Helping Doctors, Pharmacist, Hospitals, Clinics Operate Better Taskar is a two-sided marketplace that allows doctors to prescribe to subscribers. Pharmacies to deliver the meds, Hospitals to ensure IPD services & clinics to ensure in person trustworthy care. The taskar platform offers a way to acquire new patients in a time of rebuilding, as well as competitive advantages for running their business. “We have a huge number of inbound inquiries from physicians, pharmacies every week,” he said. Taskar is even allowing doctors, pharmacies to list services and pricing without supplying names on a trial basis.

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