In today’s digital age, affiliate marketing has become an increasingly popular way for individuals to earn passive income. One affiliate program that has garnered attention is offered by Kloudbean.

One such prominent player in the field is Kloudbean – a managed cloud hosting platform catering to businesses of all sizes. Kloudbean has recently overhauled its affiliate program, introducing higher commissions and a plethora of support and resources to simplify the affiliate marketing journey.

In this blog post, we will explore what Kloudbean is, how much you can earn through its affiliate program, the benefits of becoming a Kloudbean affiliate, and more.

What is Kloudbean?

Kloudbean is a cloud-based hosting platform that provides individuals and businesses with reliable and secure web hosting solutions. With Kloudbean, users can host their website or web application on a scalable and high-performance infrastructure.

Kloudbean’s features include 24/7 customer support, fast load times, and a wide range of hosting options to suit different business needs.

Kloudbean provides managed hosting solutions from five leading cloud infrastructures: Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Vultr, UpCloud, and Linode along with Bitninja Server Security.

It supports all the major tech stacks on their platform.

  • WordPress
  • PHP
  • Magento
  • Python
  • ASP .Net
  • Node Js
  • Angular

How Much Can You Earn with Kloudbean Affiliates?

Kloudbean offers a generous affiliate program that allows individuals to earn a commission for every new customer they onboard. The initial commission is $100 per successful referral sale, followed by a lifetime commission of 10% on the monthly revenue generated by each referred customer. This means that you can earn a steady income stream from your referrals, even after the initial sale is made.

Commission SlabSuccessful ReferralsCommissions
Slab 11-10 referrals$100/sale
Slab 211-50 refferals$125/sale
Slab 351 plus$150/sale
Kloudbean Afflilate structure

The process is straightforward: every successful referral you make propels you into a new Slab, influencing your commission per referral and overall earnings. *It’s crucial to note that a successful referral is one where the referred users not only sign up but also pay for the services they have chosen. The total commissions, under the Slab model, are determined by the cumulative number of successful referrals you achieve by the you. It is mandatory of 5 sale per month to avail the benefits of higher slab.

Affiliate Program of Kloudbean

Kloudbean’s affiliate programs are designed to empower individuals to share the benefits of their services. Whether you’re an influencer, blogger, or entrepreneur, Kloudbean provides a range of affiliate initiatives to suit your audience and style. Explore the diverse category available and choose the one that aligns with your strengths and target audience.

  1. Individual freelance web and app developer.
  2. IT companies
  3. Digital Marketing Agencies
  4. Bloggers
  5. Any indivdual

Benefits of Becoming a Kloudbean Affiliate

There are several benefits to becoming a Kloudbean affiliate:

1. High Commissions: Kloudbean offers competitive commission rates, allowing you to earn a significant income from your referrals.

2. Long-Term Revenue: By earning a commission on the monthly revenue generated by your referrals, you can earn passive income for years to come.

3. High Conversion Rate: Kloudbean’s reputation for providing reliable hosting solutions makes it a highly sought-after product, increasing the chances of converting your referrals into customers.

4. Support and Training: Kloudbean offers comprehensive training and support to help you navigate the affiliate program and maximize your earning potential.

5. Flexibility: As an affiliate, you have the flexibility to promote Kloudbean’s services on your own terms, whether through social media platforms, blogs, or any other marketing channels you prefer.

In summary, the Kloudbean affiliate program offers an excellent opportunity for individuals to earn passive income by promoting a reliable and reputable hosting platform. With high commissions, long-term revenue potential, and a wide range of benefits, becoming a Kloudbean affiliate can be a profitable venture.

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