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3 cryptocurrencies to watch in June, Render, Chiliz, and Solana

Some cryptocurrencies are special because they are innovative and fit well with current tech and sports trends. This June, we’re highlighting Render, Chiliz, and Solana. Let’s see why these cryptos are worth paying attention to!

Render (RNDR)

Render is gaining attention due to its innovative approach in the graphics rendering sector, leveraging blockchain technology to distribute GPU power for rendering tasks. The Render token (RNDR) has shown resilience in the face of market volatility. After a sharp recovery in mid-April, where its price surged by 37.3%, RNDR has been trading sideways, reflecting stability despite the market’s fluctuations. Analysts are optimistic, projecting that RNDR could surpass $10 as the network continues to expand its utility and partnerships​.

Chiliz (CHZ)

Chiliz stands out in the sports and entertainment sectors, primarily through its platform, Socios, which allows fans to engage directly with their favorite sports teams through fan tokens. Partnerships with major sports organizations like FC Barcelona and Juventus bolster its appeal. Chiliz offers unique fan engagement opportunities and governance rights within sports communities, which could drive its growth. Given its established presence and expanding influence in sports, Chiliz is poised for significant potential growth in the coming months​

Solana (SOL)

Solana, often dubbed the “Ethereum killer,” is renowned for its high transaction speeds and low costs. Despite a significant dip in April, Solana has been on an upward trajectory due to continuous ecosystem growth and strategic partnerships. Notably, its integration with various exchanges and platforms enhances its utility. Analysts expect Solana to break past the $200 mark soon, driven by these developments and its robust technological framework.

The Dynamism of Chiliz and the Evolution of Solana

In June, Chiliz will undoubtedly take advantage of the major football tournaments (mainly Euro and Copa America) to increase the issuance and circulation of fan tokens via Socios. The project should benefit from the engagement of supporters around these exciting matches, giving its native crypto exceptional visibility.

Solana continues to stand out in the crypto world due to its ability to process transactions much faster and cheaper. Recently, Solana has been used in many decentralized finance (DeFi) projects and has attracted major institutional players. As a result, its crypto has seen a significant rise, a trend that is likely to continue this month.

June promises to be a significant month for both Chiliz and Solana. Chiliz is set to leverage the excitement of major football tournaments to boost fan token engagement and visibility. Meanwhile, Solana’s impressive transaction speeds and cost efficiency continue to attract attention in the DeFi space, driving its growth. Both cryptos are poised to capitalize on these opportunities, making them ones to watch closely this month.

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Last modified: June 4, 2024